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Software as a Service (SaaS)

As SaaS adoption is accelerating, so is the demand for new SaaS applications that target specific industries and niches.

Companies embracing the SaaS business model, would typically set up the business in such a way that the key business processes (of Marketing, Sales, Billing etc.) and technical processes (of Provisioning and Support) are integrated with the Service itself.

The SaaS Model is therefore more than simply delivering an application over the Internet, it is a whole business mentality, requiring highly automated business processes and sophisticated support engines in addition to the application itself.

Benefits of SaaS:

The SaaS Business Model leads to

  • much leaner and more agile company, in which 'the service is the business';
  • much more responsive to customer needs;
  • new 'immediacy' based upon real-time operations.
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