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Analysis & Design

Your customers. Your commercial partners. Your employees. It's understanding your audiences and squaring these insights with your goals that generate the best ideas and enable us to deliver more effective online strategies for your brand.

With so much business being generated on the internet and via mobile, online solutions need to be designed and built with marketing very much at the core of the strategy. It's no longer sufficient to simply make it look good. Often flash sites or flash intro´s look great, but when search engines fail to reference the site, the reality is you have a great looking site that no-one ever sees.

It's now all about how to promote it on the web and mobile, in order to turn searchers into visitors and visitors into customers. And this all stems from the good design, layout, usability and functionality of a site, that feeds a hierarchy of services and information to the visitor. The first impressions are critical; what your company does, how you do it, your brand personality, and where information is posted on the site, all makes for a good and positive experience.

We have helped clients build:

  • Web Applications
  • Mobile Applications
  • Social Networking
  • e-Commerce Sites
  • Consumer Portals
  • Subscription Websites
  • Digital Publishing Websites
  • Corporate Websites