Mario Kart Goes 3D (But Not The Way You Think)

Takara Tomy's remote-controlled Mario Kart toys may have looked great, but they shipped without a decent track. These Spanish guys certainly took care of that, building a custom course for the toys that would do a video game proud. More...

For A Moment, You Will Believe Samus Is Real

Swedish student Jenni Källberg - otherwise known as the world's greatest Metroid cosplayer - is back, taking imitation of Nintendo's sci-fi starlet to a whole new level. More...

Alternative browser spyware infects IE

Some useful citizen has created an installer that will nail IE with spyware, even if a surfer is using Firefox (or another alternative browser) or has blocked access to the malicious site in IE beforehand. More...

Rant of the Day

Microsoft has revealed at a security panel at CeBIT that it is preparing to dump passwords in favour of two-factor authentication in forthcoming versions of Windows. What do we think? More...

Squeeze the Most Out of Your TV With Proper Calibration
If you want to crank up the quality just a little bit more, it's much easier than you think
Apple joins Blu-ray board of directors
Apple announced on Thursday that it would become a member of the consortium.

Samsung phone features a harddrive
New phone runs Microsoft's Windows Mobile and includes a hard drive.

Dead Or Alive, Kasumi's A Pricey Figure
What Is This Season's Video Game 'Fruitcake'?
Many of you are about to be on the receiving end of gifts this holiday season, many of those gifts being video games. Unfortunately, for some unlucky giftees, you'll be getting the video game equivalent of a fruitcake.

Xbox 360 May Get Cable-Like Online Subscription Service
Microsoft's no stranger to working with TV networks, but according to Reuters they're working on a cable-like online ...

What If Your Entire Desk Were a Touchscreen?
Is the BendDesk what your office will look like someday?
What If Your Entire Desk Were a Touchscreen?
Is the BendDesk what your office will look like someday?

What Are Anticrepuscular Rays?
Perhaps you have seen something similar to this one day