HP Compaq NW8240 Mobile Workstation The Viewsonic N3760 37" LCD High Definition Television
May 25, 2006 11:10
If you're looking for a good, solid HD LCD Televsion that can compete with the best on the market than look no further than the 37" viewsonic N3760. Chris O'Connor gives us the rundown...


May 12, 2006 20:41
Coming Attractions: Gaming Notebooks Morph Into Full-On Graphics Workstations 
    [May 12, 2006] Some gaming notebook vendors responded very positively to Barry Gerber's challenge to send their products to MobilityGuru. In the process Gerber learned that some vendors are repurposing their gaming notebooks as full-on graphics workstations. MobilityGuru has scheduled reviews of these technologically sizzling mobile computers.Less Noise, More Music: Creative Aurvana HN-700 and Noise Cancelling Headphones.
Budget noise cancelling headphones that cut costs rather than corners. The Aurvanas are small, light and impressive, with excellent noise reduction and sound. The bulkier HN-700s don't perform quite as well, but the do perform very well for their pocket-change price
December 27, 2005 01:18
Display / TV
iPAQ rx1950 PDA Offers Many Features At A Decent Price 
    [December 27, 2005] HP's iPAQ rx1950 does a reasonably good job of packing Microsoft Office applications into a handheld device equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity. While the Samsung CPU is not exactly high-powered and Windows Mobile 5.0's performance is less than stellar, the price of $299 is right for a device that can get the job done for business use.Universal Pictures: DRMs do stop most piracy
The battle between HD DVD and Blu-ray is in full swing. The first players are out, content follows. Now it's up to the marketing talent to get the consumers excited. TG Daily spoke with Universal's Jerry Pirnce about HD DVD's advantages and oppertunities now and in the future, copy protection and the impact of IT in Hollywood
April 27, 2006 17:15
Record / Play / Convert
Use and Don't Lose Your Cell Phone Data 
    [April 27, 2006] Want the same contacts and appointments on your cell phone and computer? Want to protect against a cell phone loss? You need synchronization software. Felix Laufer and Patrick Schmid look at eight mobile phones and their synchronization solutions.Slim Devices and Infrant Make Expensive Music Together
Slim Devices has bundled it's Squeezebox and Infrant's ReadyNAS NV to go after Sonos in the high-end, whole-house audio market. Jim looks at the odds of their success.
April 4, 2006 02:08
Home Theatre PC
Who Designed This Crap? The Great Ipod Scam 
    [April 4, 2006] Many can no longer live without AppleGraphics power is key to playing HD videos on a PC
Games may not be the only applications anymore that create an incentive for buying a faster graphics card. HD DVD and Blu-ray videos require enormous processing power to decode codecs and overwhelm virtually all CPUs available today. So, how much does it take to make HD look good on a PC screen? TG Daily for a first impression at an exclusive meeting with NVidia.


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